About us

ALTIORE ECO represents a renowned German producer of high quality LED lighting TRiALED GmbH .

We offer energy saving lighting systems based on LED technology dedicated for industry, offices, schools, hospitals, commercial facilities, and public service buildings.

We adjust the offer to the individual needs of the customers and advice on the choice of lighting system in terms of brightness, colour temperature, or driver type suitable for each facility.

The products in our offer are durable, failure-free, and highly energy-saving. It is best visible in actual savings and short ROI.

TRiALED is a German manufacturer producing high quality led lighting systems. All the products are manufactured in Germany with highest quality standards due to that all of them can be labelled as “Made in Germany.” The company continuously runs tests and works on the improvement of the existing lamps and new products which are even more frugal and energy efficient.

The LED technology has unquestionably revolutionized the world lighting market and continues to replace the older type lighting systems. LED lamps not only reduce power consumption and energy cost but also decreases atmospheric CO2 emission and helps to protect the natural environment.

Solutions offered by TRiALED company can be utilized in offices, production halls, warehouses, underground and multi-storey parking lots.